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SNUBA is an unique, patented shallow water diving system, bridging the gap

between snorkeling and scuba diving.It is easily accessible to couples, families,

children eight years and older and seniors.Think of it as snorkeling with a 20 foot snorkel that water can not get into and you do not have to come back up for air.Yes you get to stay underwater and see the marine life the entire time!



SNUBA works by having the diving tank secured in the SNUBA raft.The raft stays on the surface and follows your every movement.What you will be breathing with is a regulator just the same as a diver would.So you are diving without all the cumbersome equipment needed to scuba dive.You also do not have to take up your valuable vacation time on pool courses before you dive.With SNUBA you can be underwaterin less than a half an hour.

While you are on your dive you will get to take in the beautiful marine life, some of which snorkelers do not get to see since you will be a maximum of 20 feet underwater.We have turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, lobster, tons of fish, crabs, cleaner shrimp and of course the gorgeous coral reefs.Donít forget that everyone gets one free photo while on SNUBA in the Turks and Caicos courtesy of your SNUBA guide Jodi.

If you wouldlike more photos they are available for a small fee.Just ask.†††††

 The SNUBA program and all of its SNUBAguides are fully certified.

through PADI, the leading dive training agency.

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